Saturday, 24 July
All Online via ZOOM


Choose either workshop 1 or workshop 2

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Workshop 1

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to upend travel plans – especially short-term trips to the field – it has made us rethink how we approach overseas missions. Come hear stories of how some have continued to engage with the unreached and forcibly displaced through digital means, and learn how you can do so too.


Heidi is the Director of Operations (Iraq) at Habibi International, a Christian NGO that journeys with refugees and internally displaced persons in the Middle East towards holistic health.

Germaine is a technionary who believes in mission “collab” - collaborating and co-laboring - to shine the Gospel Light in the physical and digital space.

Workshop 2

Many people in the church in Singapore have some business or entrepreneurial skills to contribute to the Great Commission. This workshop explores what helps us become effective in a cross-cultural business environment, and the way which we can contribute to and sustain global missions work.

Speakers: Mark Syn, Hendra Rahardja, & Andy Benezette


Choose either workshop 3 or workshop 4

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Workshop 3

In this workshop, Christian relief & development agency RADION International will provide a behind-the-scenes view of their work, stories from the ground, and lessons learnt from 14 years of serving Thailand's largest Hmong community.


Alvin Ong has been involved with RADION International from the year it was first established. In 2019, he joined the organisation full-time after 13 years with Cru Singapore to oversee RADION's fundraising work and youth development projects. He speaks in workshops and facilitates conferences to help others give the best of themselves to the world, inspire the next generation towards missions, and to see Singapore fulfil her calling as an Antioch of Asia.