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 Christopher Wright


God, since the beginning of time had a MISSION - to redeem people from all nations unto Himself and restore their relationship with Him.
God's mission is not a task for the angels but for His redeemed people, the Church. 
Through missions courses and workshops,
we will learn how God is preparing for Himself a church who knows His heart and does His will.





A study of the Purpose and Plan of God from Genesis to the End of the Age!

• Discover the missionary thread from Genesis to Revelations
• Glimpse the awesome advance of Christianity around the world
• Explore the challenging, yet achievable, final frontiers of world Christian mission
• Identify your part and place in the expansion and growth of God’s kingdom worldwide
• Learn from some of today’s leading missions personalities, theologians and historians

READ what the Graduates had to say...


Empowering - every Christian should and must attend this course!

Alexis (young adult)


Kairos helps me to understand / hear God’s heart beat. It is a course that helps us renew our first love with God.

Cecilia Oh (2017 graduate)


It was my most fulfilling and powerful course for my walk/mission in the area of God in my life.

Eunice Yeo


Kairos broadens one’s worldview about what it means to be a Chrstian. It is an exciting course to learn about God’s mission and how we can be part of it. Kairos should be taught to ALL Christians.

Ong Pearlene


Kairos is what ALL CHRISTIANS must go through to open out hearts & minds to our real purpose. Kairos is the eye opener for what lies ahead for all of God’s chosen people.

Russell Cruzgarcia (Filipino Congregation)


Saturday afternoons, 3 – 5 pm

Term 1 (Lessons 1 – 5): 16-Oct, 23-Oct, 30-Oct, 6-Nov and 20-Nov 2021
Term 2 (Lessons 6 – 9): 27-Nov, 4-Dec, 11-Dec and 18-Dec 2021
Term 3 (Lessons 10 & 11): 8-Jan and 15-Jan 2022
Term 4 (Lessons 12 – 15): 22-Jan, 29-Jan, 19-Feb and 26-Feb 2022

Perspectives is a dynamic fifteen lesson discipleship course for every Christian. The course is designed to envision local churches and individuals to have a bigger view of God and His purposes, and to equip them to fulfil their individual role within those purposes.

The fifteen lessons explore God’s global purpose from four different angles: the Biblical Perspective; the Historical Perspective; the Cultural Perspectives; and the Strategic Perspective.

Perspectives goes into more detail and depth than Kairos and can be a beneficial next step for Christians who have already experienced the Kairos course.


“The whole world will be reached with the gospel when the whole church gets involved. Perspectives isone of the keys that God is using everywhere in the Great Commission.”
Loren Cunningham, Founder of YWAM

“Perspectives has been essential in mobilizing hundreds of lay people
in our church to be World Christians.”

Rev John Piper, Pastor, Author, & Theologian

“Finally a course on discipleship that helps the redeemed of the Lord to gain perspective,
to understand others with the mind of Christ, to deeply feel God’s heart for the world today,
through the word and other related studies, learning and praying together as disciples.”

Rev Dr Malcolm T.H. Tan


WhatsApp Image 2019-10-10 at 3.53.54 PM.

Friendship First 

(5 Sessions)


The Friendship First course is for ordinary Christians to better understand, love, and build bridges of friendships with our friends from near faith.

This course will help dispel any fear we may have harbored in building friendships with them and give us practical handles to share God's love to them.

Friendship First
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