Befriending Programme

Extend a hand, make and bless a friend!

This year's JMM theme involves "Reaching our foreign friends at home."  Being a disciple of Christ does not require going far away.  Singapore has always been an international hub where people from different cultures and countries cross paths.  In light of COVID-19, many of our foreign friends face challenges at work while worrying about their families at home. 

Sometimes it can be easy to focus on external arenas to bless the community, but what about those that are right in our midst at Bartley? 

This Befriending programme seeks to bless Bartley's ethnic congregations.  We encourage CGs and individuals to participate in this practical way of extending support and encouragement. 

Domestic helpers in the Filipino and Indonesian fellowships

COVID-19 has been particularly difficult for domestic helpers. During the Circuit Breaker, they were not allowed to leave their workplace and their work-rest balance may have been disrupted. Moreover, they worried about their families back home. Since Phase 2 has begun, they are able to leave the house but are unable to meet their friends in familiar settings. Let us extend love to our hardworking sisters during this difficult time.

Give a Gift

  • Sponsor a care package filled with practical treats.

  • Deliver the package along with a handwritten note!

  • Through this, we give you an opportunity to extend friendship to this sister, hoping that you will continue conversing through social media - e.g. Facebook messenger.

Belanja a Meal

  • Treat a sister and her employer's family with a meal from her home country.

  • This gesture gives her a break from cooking duties and a taste of home.

  • The meal gives her employers an opportunity to get to know her culture better, and can be a starting place for conversation, especially if the family is non-believing.

  • These sisters have already agreed to participate in this programme.  You will be assigned a sister based on your location and mode of blessing.

  • We encourage CG/DGs to sponsor more than one sister (multiple sign-ups).

  • If you are male and wish to participate, please register with a partner/ in a group.

  • After signing up, you will be provided with more particulars (i.e. your beneficiary's contact, things to note, price range, etc.) after the sign up is closed (21 Jul)

  • The intent is to bless. Don't let lack of details defer you from signing up!

  • While this is designed as a one-time gifting, we sincerely hope that you will continue to keep in touch and bless your assigned sister as an extension of love not just from the Bartley family but the bigger family of the Church

Please take note that there is a de-brief session for those who have participated on 22nd Aug.